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Aberdeen Woods - the cave

Here there be dragons

Somewhere in the realm of Aberdeen Woods, there be a cave.... the entrance has been covered for many a year. Recently, there have been sightings of the inhabitants of the cave.... and here we have a few pictures for you.

Please have patience as the pictures load!

Blue Dragon

Here are a few of pictures of a couple of them as they were lounging out on the rocks....

Dragon Games

More Dragon Games

For a closer look at the individuals, click on the thumbnails below...

Two Dragons at play a blue dragon on the railing the blue dragon's tail the blue dragon's head the blue dragon's hands a red dragon on the railing Dragon2 - left side Dragon2 - front Dragon2 - left side Dragon2 left hand Dragon2 - tail marble detail First Dragon Outside - left side First Dragon - back right First Dragon - front right Orange-appearing snout on Dragon2 Dragon2 - close up Dragon2 - another close up Get Lost!

Click on the thumbnails to see them individually...

Many more will be joining us soon - they are starting to venture out more with the good weather, so we should be able to capture a few (on film!) for you shortly!

Aberdeen Woods is a sanctuary of sorts.
Occassionally, one of our faeries decides that life needs more variety, and moving out into the world is a good thing..... we don't know yet whether the dragons will be taking flight also......

In those cases, you can find them listed up for adoption on ebay - search for Aberdeen Woods by seller's ID.

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